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Gijsbert Hanekroot has an incredible photo archive of almost all pop groups and musicians, from the late 60s to the early 80s. Sebastiaan Vos is a publicist and fan. This is the third book they published together.

The book contains impressive photos of Roxy Music by Gijsbert. Sebastiaan has written informative texts about the concerts and the photo sessions. He also indicated where the musicians were at that point in their career.

Why Roxy Music?
Sebastiaan is a fan. ‘Roxy Music is a great band that brought a major innovation to pop music in the early 1970s with an unparalleled debut album and overwhelming live shows.’ Gijsbert was there in 1973 and photographed the band, live and in the studio. And afterwards, when the band without sound wizard Brian Eno looked a lot more conventional, but still made innovative music. Gijsbert was also there in the second half of the seventies, when Ferry went completely solo and started a relationship with model Jerry Hall. When Ferry’s solo career hit the doldrums and Roxy Music made a new start, Gijsbert photographed them in 1979 during and after their concert in Amsterdam.

Gijsbert: ‘The photos deserve to be presented together in a book, beautifully designed by Chiel Veffer and printed on nice paper. Sebastiaan has written an informative story with the photos about what the band or Ferry did at the time and what was actually so special about it.’ Sebastiaan: ‘Anyone who thinks of sultry, slowly rippling songs when they think of Roxy Music or Bryan Ferry only knows the later work well. And should know that the band started out as a completely innovative art rock band that could sound wild and exciting at times. Not only the music, but also the visual aspect played a major role.’ The latter is clearly reflected in Gijsbert’s photos.

Dutch, English | Paperback | January 2023 | 112 pages

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